Frequently asked questions

How many pages can I have in my book?

Each book can contain up to 250 pages as standard which can be filled with stories and photographs. We find it very rare that customers need more pages, but if your submissions exceed this we will email you to discuss this with you.

What size will my book be?

All books are A5 size.

Do you offer gifting options?

Yes, we offer gifting options at checkout. For last minute gifts we offer a gift card to be sent by email.

How do I submit and edit my stories?

You can submit stories by logging on to your user area and clicking on 'Tell a Story'. You can also edit your existing stories in the member area.

How long do I have to write my book?

You can take as long as you like to complete your book. As our service is not subscription based, once you have made a purchase you are entitled to create your book with no time limits.

Can more than one person contribute stories for a book?

Yes. You can either submit stories on behalf of other contributors, or share your log on email and password with the other people who are contributing to the book so they can submit stories themselves. There is a field to state the author when submitting a story which you can use if applicable. In this case we will attribute each story to the stated author when we compile your final book.

How often will you email me question ideas and prompts?

We will send you weekly emails with helpful question and story ideas. You do not need to wait for us to email you to tell your stories. You can do this at any time by logging on to your user area and selecting 'Tell a Story'. Here you will also be able to view our extensive question library.

Can I submit stories which are not based on question ideas?

Yes. Your book can include any story you wish.

How many photos can I include in the book?

You can include one photo with each story you submit.

Can I customise the cover?

Yes. We have a number of beautiful cover designs in a range of colours and styles for you to customise by adding your own text and photograph. For an additional charge you can have a bespoke cover designed for you. You can upgrade by selecting the option at checkout, or by emailing us any time after you have made your purchase but before we have printed your book.

Can the inside of my book be printed in colour?

Yes. We print in black and white as a standard to keep the cost as low as possible but you can upgrade to colour at checkout, or by emailing us if you have already purchased your book but have not yet asked us to print it.

Can I choose the font inside the book?

Yes. You can choose from five beautiful fonts while designing your book within the members area.

Can I purchase extra books?

Yes. At checkout you can choose to purchase up to 9 additional books. If you would like more than 9 additional copies, or have already made your initial purchase and wish to add additional copies you can do this by emailing us.

Are there any word limits?

There are no word limits on your individual stories, and your book can have up to 250 pages.

Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your order within 14 days of purchase if you decide you no longer want to go ahead and have not yet asked us to print a book. Please refer to our 'Refund Policy' page located at the bottom of the website for more information.

How long will it take for my book to be delivered?

Once you confirm that you are happy with your book and would like us to print it, we will do so and dispatch it to you within 7 working days.

Do you accept orders from outside the UK?

Unfortunately, at the moment we are only able to accept orders from customers in the UK.

Can I order more copies of the book after it's created?

Yes, but due to Data Protection requirements we will only keep your book content on file for 30 days after printing. Please make sure you contact us before this to confirm another order after your receive your book.

Can I complete more than one book at the same time?

Yes. You will need to make seperate orders for each different book you wish to create, and create a seperate account for each book with different login email addresses so we are able to differentiate between orders and books.

Are hardback books offered as standard?

Yes. All books will be produced as hardback to ensure the highest quality and durability.